Nicola Sturgeon on Gender, Starmer and Prince Harry

Nicola Sturgeon on Gender, Starmer and Prince Harry

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We travel to Edinburgh and Holyrood, the home of the Scottish Parliament, and sit down in a meeting room in the belly of the building housing Scottish power.

In walks one of the most formidable people on this sceptred isle. Nicola Sturgeon. She gamely gives us nearly an hour of her time.

She’s the great survivor of British politics. She’s on her fifth Tory Prime Minister. She’s bestrode Scottish politics for a decade. And in the last weeks she’s found herself central to the British political conversation once again. Lewis talks to Scotland’s First Minister about her controversial Gender Recognition Reform Bill, about the coming battle (or deal?) with Labour and Keir Starmer, about the strengths and weaknesses of the prime ministers who have come and gone and who she’s observed, and even a bit on Prince Harry.

And, after finding out pre-interview that she's a regular listener of the podcast(!), who does she prefer: Emily or Jon?

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