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“AS A MAN!!”...Sarel's Papa John's story

“AS A MAN!!”...Sarel's Papa John's story

By Candice Brathwaite & Coco Sarel

If you’re not comfortable with cry-laughing in public - take this as your warning to listen in privacy.

Welcome back to the closet - this episode had Candice, Sarel, and the whole production team needing to call a time-out after struggling to breathe while listening to Sarel's *hilarious* story of when she hit a Papa John’s driver off his bike….

If that wasn’t enough, the listener confession this week “I tweaked her photo” is a SCANDAL. Whoever you are, wherever you are, know that we love you - but stay away from our pics.

Don’t forget, what’s said in the closet, stays in the closet, and send your anonymous confessions in here:

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