Lincoln is floored by Denise's ginger shot, and the team set a product placement record!

Lincoln is floored by Denise's ginger shot, and the team set a product placement record!

By Made in Pieces

EPISODE 9 OF DENISE WELCH'S JUICY CRACK DROPS! Featuring the fabulous Denise Welch, husband Lincoln, and their producer DK.

This is Denise unedited, candid and unfiltered, speaking about her life, family, friends, career and mental health. The 'real Denise Welch', having guested on countless other podcasts, now has her own show - a podcast that's about... well... it's not really 'about' anything! Denise shares her opinions, life events and mental health journey in a no-holds-barred debut season.

Discussed this week:

Denise responds to the Kate Garraway interview with Matt HancockThe team look forward to the birth of Lincoln and Denise's first grandchild in March, and DK's fourth child in MayJanuary gym routines and diets - how to navigate a crossroadsThe strongest ginger shot in Cheshire floors LincolnDenise hosts an Instagram Live on the podcast for the first timeLincoln tries some Vegan 'bacon' and gives a (very) honest reviewChocolate-fuelled brainstormingIs Lincoln's cooking Michelin-quality?Being creative in messy surroundingsThe team exchange superlatives after watching the BBC's Happy ValleyDiscussing more recommendations: The Scorpion, Only Murders In The Building, and Ted LassoDenise's views on self-tapes'The Influencer' gains a fan


This episode was recorded in Cheshire on Tuesday 31st January 2023.

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