Take the second spoon away! My weight loss journey

Take the second spoon away! My weight loss journey

By Made in Pieces

EPISODE 3 OF DENISE WELCH'S JUICY CRACK DROPS! Featuring the fabulous Denise Welch, husband Lincoln, and their producer DK.

This is Denise unedited, candid and unfiltered, speaking about her life, family, friends, career and mental health. The 'real Denise Welch', having guested on countless other podcasts, now has her own show - a podcast that's about... well... it's not really 'about' anything! Denise shares her opinions, life events and mental health journey in a no-holds-barred debut season.

Discussed this week:

The team discuss their recent diet and weight loss journeysRemembering the impact of drink, smoke and drugs on the bodyWelch's Toffees, the Black Bullet and confectionary from Whitley BayDenise is a generous soul, but will NOT share puddings!!Lighter Life, and changing your relationship with foodWorking with a mentor and CBT to help you achieve your diet goalsDenise's success with 'taking real food out of the equation'Lincoln's search for consistency in his food intakeDK's story of weight gain and subsequent loss (with a tally chart!)Making an exception for chocolateHow eating well makes you feel within yourselfFitting a training programme into your lifestyle


This episode was recorded in Manchester on Friday 25th November 2022.

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