Don't get my double chin in the shot! And my orgasm-inducing ball gown...

Don't get my double chin in the shot! And my orgasm-inducing ball gown...

By Made in Pieces

EPISODE 2 OF DENISE WELCH'S JUICY CRACK DROPS! Featuring the fabulous Denise Welch, husband Lincoln, and their producer DK.

This is Denise unedited, candid and unfiltered, speaking about her life, family, friends, career and mental health. The 'real Denise Welch', having guested on countless other podcasts, now has her own show - a podcast that's about... well... it's not really 'about' anything! Denise shares her opinions, life events and mental health journey in a no-holds-barred debut season.

Discussed this week:

Finding your best angleCosmetic surgery: choosing to have work done / how it can impact your self-imageHow Denise gave herself a ‘natural facelift’, and looking the best you can for your ageBeing able to watch or listen to yourself back on a recordingGEM Appeal; helping to find treatments and cures for genetic conditions - Denise’s work with the charity, and her Christmas BallDenise’s orgasmic ball gownEtiquette whilst travelling / conversing (or not!) with other passengersLincoln becomes... 'Airport Man' - Last Call!Nadia Sawalha's ADHD Diagnosis; Denise reflects on her own life experiences Denise looks back at her post-natal depression, her mental health story and the continuous support of her familyDenise details her experiences of being hacked by the media / having her bedroom bugged during her cocaine abuse scandalHighlighting the impact of mental illness through documentary and film-makingDenise and Lincoln review lincoln’s new CRIMPiT toastie maker


This episode was recorded in Manchester on Friday 25th November 2022.

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