The Rallo Family Murders—Part 1

The Rallo Family Murders—Part 1

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

[Part 1 of 2] In the summer of 1976, the Rallo family appeared to be living the picture perfect family life in the “Golden Horseshoe” area of Southern Ontario.

Parents Jon and Sandra with young children Jason and Stephanie had enjoyed a warm family summer full of trips to visit grandparents and swimming... that is, until one morning when Jon woke up to an empty house, and a devastating note.

This two-part series provides a snapshot of Canadian history at a pivotal time for both the burgeoning city of Hamilton and the criminal justice system.

An additional content warning: this case includes the murder of a child, although no graphic details will be given. Please take care when listening.

Release schedule:

Part 2 will be released to everyone on February 22 - one week after Part 1.

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Canadian True Crime donates monthly to help those facing injustice.

This month we have donated to Interval House of Hamilton, an organization that provides emergency shelter, safety planning and support services for women with or without children that have experienced abuse or violence.


Research: Gemma Harris

Writing, sound design, additional research: Kristi Lee

Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams

Production assistance: Jesse Hawke

Script consulting: Carol Weinberg

Theme songs by We Talk of Dreams

Disclaimer voiced by Erik Krosby

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