323: Clytemnestra (with Helena Greer)

323: Clytemnestra (with Helena Greer)

By Multitude

We’re joined by author Helene Greer, who is here to tell us about Clytemnestra, or as she puts it, “The Murder Queen of All of Our Dreams”. We also discuss blood curses, sapphic battle axes, and making better Hallmark holiday movies.


Content Warning: This episode contains conversations about or mentions of cannibalism, torture, child death, murder, abuse, rape, misogyny, kidnapping, human sacrifice, slavery, sexual assault, the AIDS epidemic, transphobia, and sex. 



Helena Greer writes contemporary romance novels that answer the question, what if this beloved trope were gay? Helena was born in Tucson, and her heart still lives there although she no longer does. After earning a BA in writing and mythology, and a master's in library science, she spent several years blogging about librarianship before returning to writing creatively.  Helena loves cheesy pop culture, cats without tails, and ancient Greek murderesses. Season of Love is her debut novel.



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