Waco (Part Two: The Serpent's Root)

Waco (Part Two: The Serpent's Root)

By Unresolved Productions

"In his younger years, he had a hard time. He was always looking for something. He had his rock-and-roll; he had his women. But it was never enough."

Vernon Wayne Howell struggled to find a sense of stability early in life. Born to a single teenage mother in Texas in 1959, Vernon was abandoned to his maternal grandmother before his second birthday. His mother would take custody of him again later in his childhood, but it was alleged that her husband - Vernon's stepfather - was abusive toward him.

Entering adulthood as a high school dropout, Vernon had a lot of issues that had yet to be addressed. After suffering a series of rejections in his personal life, he ended up turning toward the one constant in his life, faith. During his search there, he ended up coming across a group of like-minded individuals in central Texas, who viewed the Bible similarly to himself. Through them, Vernon would find the things that had been eluding him for years...

Part 2/7

Research, writing, hosting, and production by Micheal Whelan

All music composed by Micheal Whelan, except for "Instrumental Jam" by David Koresh, taken from a live recording in Waco

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