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S3, E2: LGBT+ Inclusive Sport & PE

S3, E2: LGBT+ Inclusive Sport & PE

By Adam and Jo

This week we bring you a special panel episode discussing LGBT+ inclusive sport and PE.

Our brilliant panel is made up of a range of LGBT+ athletes and educators, each who bring a unique perspective to the topic. Our four superb guests are Alex Baird (she/her - @AlexBaird12), Jake Williamson (he/him - @jakewilliamson4), Martha Riggs (she/her - @MarthaRiggs4), and Michael C. Wearing (he/him - @_Michaelwearing).

In this episode we discuss some of the challenges and barriers that face LGBT+ people from fully participating in PE and sport, share great advice and guidance, as well as celebrate the progress that has been made in LGBT+ inclusive sport.

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