Waco (Part Three: Rodenville)

Waco (Part Three: Rodenville)

By Unresolved Productions

"When they sent that letter out, I knew they were coming. They sent an article removing me as trustee, now they've come to finish the job and remove me from the land."

In 1985, Vernon Howell left Mount Carmel with his followers, bound for destinations unknown. Over the next few years, they would struggle to find a place to build their permanent headquarters as they attempted to try and swell their ranks with new converts.

Meanwhile, back in Waco, George Roden's erratic nature left him with a dwindling congregation. So he decided to risk a gambit in order to try and win them back. In 1987, he exhumed a body and issued a challenge to his rival, claiming that whoever was able to resurrect the long-deceased woman would be named the uncontested leader of the Branch Davidians. Vernon Howell - now using the name David Koresh - had other plans...

Part 3/7

Research, writing, hosting, and production by Micheal Whelan

All music composed by Micheal Whelan, except for "Man Man in Waco" by David Koresh, taken from one of his few studio recordings

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