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Why Women Grow: guest reveal trailer

Why Women Grow: guest reveal trailer

By Alice Vincent

Introducing the line-up for the first season of Why Women Grow:

writer Claire Ratinon
designer Margaret Howell
chef Rukmini Iyer
gardening gamechanger Sarah Raven
novelist Salley Vickers
environmentalist Poppy Okotcha
and stylist and influencer Paula Sutton

We talk about everything, from motherhood, to gardening for a better planet and finding your place in the world. 

The first season kicks off on February 13, with episodes from the gardens and brains of Claire Ratinon and Sarah Raven. Make sure you subscribe to Why Women Grow, from wherever you usually download your podcasts, to be among the first to get it.

This podcast is inspired by my book, Why Women Grow: Stories of Soil, Sisterhood and Survival, which is out on March 2nd and available to pre-order now.

The Why Women Grow podcast is produced by Holly Fisher, and theme music is by Maria Chiara Argiro. Thank you to our partners at Seedlip. We’ve also been photographing our guests and their gardens and you can see the beautiful images captured by Siobhan Watts on my instagram account @noughticulture.

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