Ep.31 Do We Share Too Much Online? Influencer Sarah's Day Reveals The Dark Side Of Being A Social Media Star

Ep.31 Do We Share Too Much Online? Influencer Sarah's Day Reveals The Dark Side Of Being A Social Media Star

By Grace Beverley

Sarah Tilse, more commonly known as ‘Sarah’s Day’ is an Australian fitness influencer and YouTuber best known for her fitness, diet and wellness content. Whilst studying to become a teacher, Sarah began her online journey by posting about her hormonal acne online as a way to source advice but also to help others who were struggling with it as well. This expanded into fitness, wellness and lifestyle content, and on the date of this recording Sarah has over 3 million followers across her Instagram and YouTube channels, and is the founder of multiple companies including Sarah’s Day, her personal brand, fitness ebooks and app, Sunee App - her recipe app, The Healthcode Podcast and The House of Groms, a creative strategy and production company. Sarah has also created products with several global brands including multiple drops on her own activewear line with White Fox, and her own protein and supplement powders with Tropeaka. 

Having shared her life online for over 10 years including the birth of her two sons, Sarah has grown up in the digital space, and has had a lot of learnings along the way. Going from 5am wake ups and spending hours in the gym each day adhering to an incredibly strict diet, to juggling several businesses and two children, Sarah has seen incredible success from her work online but of course there have been some sticky moments too.

- brief overview of Sarah's backstory

- how Sarah blew up on social media

- Sarah's health and fitness journey

- how Sarah met her husband

.- the creation of her first e-book and how it caused a viral event

- the financial success of the ebook and paying off $40k in debt

- dealing with cancel culture and being part of toxic Fitspo culture

- losing her period due to weight-loss

- should we platform 20 year olds?

- moving from fitness content to family vlogging

- the concept of context collapse

- would Sarah's Day do anything differently?

- Sarah on becoming a Mother

- do we really want children? Sarah on questioning having children

- dealing with Mum advice online

- mum guilt and being a working Mother

- how Sarah dealt with the tough news about her second pregnancy

- why Sarah doesn't speak about her son's condition

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