S02 Ep22: Shaun Whiter

S02 Ep22: Shaun Whiter

By B5 Consultancy

The double amputee.

If ever a title didn&apost do a guest justice it&aposs this one. Shaun Whiter, a talented non-league footballer for Newmarket Town, was hit by a drunk driver in 2016 in an incident which very nearly killed him and robbed him on both his legs.

He is honest about the struggles, both mental and physical. which followed but he has not allowed what happened to him to define him. Shaun had to re-learn how to do daily tasks which we all take for granted, most notably walking, but he has proved how limitless human beings can be. Running marathons, huge cycling courses, lifting frightening weights and, most crucially, educating people on the true impact of dangerous driving.

There is a danger that we can see Shaun and only be inspired. That would be to rob him of the seriousness of the battle he has faced and always faces. His Swiss Army Knife of prosthetic legs has allowed him to do amazing things but they are hard to operate, the rubs and sores, the mental anguish and grief humans go through when they experience something as life-changing as this, and the extraordinary challenge of learning how to walk around the same time as your baby son does so.

We are so proud to present Shaun to our listeners and will be presenting him even more to the world as he seeks to more and more positively influence young people, and particularly young footballers and their high-powered cars, on the true impact of dangerous driving.

To see Shaun&aposs amazing resilience visit him on Instagram here - https://www.instagram.com/shaun_whiter/

We are so grateful to University Campus of Football Business who we are partnering with for this and future episodes. This episode was recorded at the University&aposs media facilities at Wembley and the production crew, led by Sam Smith, have edited the episode and our trailer. For more information on UCFB visit their website here - https://www.ucfb.ac.uk/

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