The Barbie Doll Killer /// Part 2  /// 654

The Barbie Doll Killer /// Part 2 /// 654


The Barbie Doll Killer /// Part 2  /// 654

Part 2 of 2

In the middle of the night someone took little Rosie Tapia from her bedroom.  Hours later her body was found nearby.  Days after the funeral services someone left a Barbie Doll on the girl’s grave.  Could this doll hold clues to finding her killer?  Rosie’s case is still open and unsolved.  The person(s) responsible needs to be held accountable so that this will not happen to another family.  There is a substantial reward offered in this case.  If you have any information please call 1-385-258-3313 or email - This phone line and email address are answered and monitored by representatives of Rosie’s family, and not law enforcement.  No detail is too small.  No fact is insignificant.  Someone, somewhere has information that can help solve this crime. 

Beer of the Week - Pavement Double India Pale Ale from Foam Brewers 

Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5 

Recommended Reading - Lou and Jonbenet; a legendary lawman’s quest to solve a child beauty queen’s murder by John Wesley Anderson 

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