The Fumes of an Empire: UK Chaos and the U.S. Midterms

The Fumes of an Empire: UK Chaos and the U.S. Midterms

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The midterms are two weeks out and chaos just keeps building. The UK is cycling through prime ministers faster than James Bonds as their economic crisis continues. Meanwhile, election deniers in the U.S. are whipping themselves into a frenzy. Jon is joined by British journalist Gabriel Gatehouse to break down what’s happening in the UK, plus what his QAnon and election-conspiracy reporting might tell us about our democracy’s post-election fate—if this election ever ends. Writers Tocarra Mallard and Robby Slowik are also here talking Ye and Adidas, antisemitism, and the conspiracy earworms that have infected us all.

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Hosted by: Jon Stewart

Featuring, in order of appearance: Robby Slowik, Tocarra Mallard, Gabriel Gatehouse

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