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America’s Caste System With Isabel Wilkerson

America’s Caste System With Isabel Wilkerson

By Apple TV+

The season finale of The Problem With Jon Stewart is now streaming on Apple TV+, so we decided to go out with something light and noncontroversial: Race! Who could have guessed that even after a full hour of TV, there would still be more to discuss about race in America? Jon is joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author Isabel Wilkerson to discuss race, racism, and America’s caste system. Staff writers Jay Jurden and Kasaun Wilson also talk to Jon about their experiences writing this episode with him.

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Hosted by: Jon Stewart

Featuring, in order of appearance: Jay Jurden, Kasaun Wilson, Isabel Wilkerson

Executive Produced by Jon Stewart, Brinda Adhikari, James Dixon, Chris McShane, and Richard Plepler.

Lead Producer: Sophie Erickson

Producers: Caity Gray, Robby Slowik

Assoc. Producer: Andrea Betanzos

Sound Engineer & Editor: Miguel Carrascal

Sound Mixer: Ignacio Bonet

Senior Digital Producer: Kwame Opam

Digital Coordinator: Norma Hernandez

Supervising Producer: Lorrie Baranek

Head Writer: Kris Acimovic

Elements: Kenneth Hull, Daniella Philipson

Talent: Brittany Mehmedovic, Haley Denzak

Research: Susan Helvenston, Andy Crystal, Anne Bennett, Deniz Çam, Harjyot Ron Singh

Theme Music by: Gary Clark Jr.

The Problem With Jon Stewart podcast is an Apple TV+ podcast, produced by Busboy Productions.

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