Jon Referees an Economist Battle

Jon Referees an Economist Battle

By Apple TV+

When economist and Fed exec Thomas Hoenig told Jon on this podcast that printing money was a bad idea, economists Stephanie Kelton and Rohan Grey took to the internet to start an Economist Battle (it’s more fun than it sounds). Now they’re here to tell Jon about a new approach to economics called Modern Monetary Theory, and why printing money maybe isn’t so bad after all. But first, Jon discusses trespassing bears and the current situation in Ukraine with staff members Tocarra Mallard, Alexa Loftus, and Deniz Cam.


Hosted by: Jon Stewart

Featuring, in order of appearance: Alexa Loftus Tocarra Mallard, Deniz Cam, Stephanie Kelton, Rohan Grey, Rob Christensen

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