Waco (Part Four: The Sinful Messiah)

Waco (Part Four: The Sinful Messiah)

By Unresolved Productions

"We're doing what we're doing and nobody's going to stop us."

In 1988, David Koresh and his followers returned to their old home just outside of Waco, where the Shepherd's Rod movement had settled decades prior. With his longtime nemesis George Roden gone, David was finally able to settle into his new role as the president of the church.

As the Branch Davidians began the arduous process of rebuilding the Mount Carmel Center - and his authority swelled - David began implementing a series of changes that would ultimately bring his burgeoning kingdom crashing down around him...

Part 4/7

Research, writing, hosting, and production by Micheal Whelan

All music composed by Micheal Whelan

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