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One Thing Today: Talking Trash

One Thing Today: Talking Trash

By Optum


Research shows that women spend 32 hours per week on childcare and housework compared to just 18 hours for men.* Special guest Eve Rodsky, bestselling author of Fair Play, attorney, and activist, translates this stat to real life by talking trash — literally. She illustrates how a simple task like taking out the garbage led to conflict with her husband, and offers one thing you can do today to have an honest and productive conversation about household chores.

*Pew Research Center


Eve Rodsky, bestselling author, Fair Play, attorney and activist


The text from Eve Rodsky's husband that made her say "I'm done" with their division of labor |

For more on how primary caregivers and women are affected by the division of labor at home and in the workplace, check out the full episode.

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