How Tom Cruise came to enjoy my stand-up comedy routine, and our whirlwind NY weekend

How Tom Cruise came to enjoy my stand-up comedy routine, and our whirlwind NY weekend

By Made in Pieces


This is Denise unedited, candid and unfiltered, speaking about her life, family, friends, career and mental health. The 'real Denise Welch', having guested on countless other podcasts, now has her own show - a podcast that's about... well... it's not really 'about' anything! Denise shares her opinions, life events and mental health journey in a no-holds-barred debut season.

Discussed this week...

Denise is back in bed with vertigo... it's been a memorable week to say the least! Matty invites Lincoln and Denise to watch the recording of Saturday Night Live in New York, hosted by Jenny Ortega and featuring The 1975. Denise expresses her anxiety about taking a trip across the pond at such short notice, but decides to take the plunge. Denise and Lincoln have a whirlwind of a New York weekend - so much so that it makes Denise's head start to spin. She tells us about her experience of being Matty's mum in New York - and the unexpected attention it brings with it. The second half of this episode focuses on Sir Michael Caine's 90th birthday celebrations, and the dramatic build-up to actually getting there. Sharing rude jokes with Tom Cruise and Michael Caine... not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night!


This episode was recorded on Thursday 16th March 2023.

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