Dave Asprey - “Laziness has driven all of human progress… embrace your inner laziness”

Dave Asprey - “Laziness has driven all of human progress… embrace your inner laziness”

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Dave Asprey is a pioneer of the biohacking movement, elevating human performance through scientific research combined with ancient healing traditions. He has educated and changed millions of peoples lives, through his podcast- ‘The Human Upgrade’ and his 4 New York Times Bestselling Science books. In this episode we discuss his new book “Smarter Not Harder: A Guide to Reclaiming and Optimising Your Health” (an absolute must read!) 

He exposes the surprising secrets of our body’s operating system, or its “MeatOS, a system that is naturally designed to be lazy. Dave tells us how to hack the MeatOS and make it do what we want it to do, turning it from obstacle, to ally. The key to achieving optimum wellness, he reveals, isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing less—exercising and eating smarter, not harder, and making the body’s built in laziness work for you.

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Dave’s ‘laziness’ principle from his new book- “Smarter Not Harder

Why are we ashamed of being lazy?

What is your ‘MeatOS'?

What is ‘energy’?

What is ‘rapid on, rapid off response” and how can we benefit from it?

Dave’s journey with weight loss.

The problem with ‘calories in, calories out’ ethos.

The five big categories that can help define your health goals, including more muscle, better cardiovascular function, more energy/fat loss, stress management, brain function.

How to turn disorders such as ADHD, ODD, OCD into a superpower.

Which foods exacerbate behavioural disorders?

Matching meditation style to the brain.

The importance of building a habit, but also recognising when the habit no longer benefits you.

The reset process- teaching people how to ‘turn off’.

Hard fast rules about sleep- www.sleepwithdave.com 

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