Waco (Part Five: Showtime)

Waco (Part Five: Showtime)

By Unresolved Productions

"We fell right into the hands of Koresh and all those nuts. This is what he wanted, to make it appear that the government was going to kill his people. He wanted Armageddon. Our biggest mistake was that we made it so easy for him."

In 1992, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms opened up an investigation into David Koresh and the rest of the Branch Davidians living in their compound near Waco, Texas. Hoping to find evidence of illegal weapons, the ATF began a series of undercover operations to obtain proof the following January.

After nearly two months of surveillance and infiltration, the ATF gave the order to move forward with a plan to raid the Mount Carmel Center, which Koresh and the Davidians had recently transformed into a stronghold. The ATF's operation, codenamed "Showtime," would set the stage for the fiasco that followed...

Part 5/7

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