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Led by Bibi, Led by Humza & Led By Donkeys

Led by Bibi, Led by Humza & Led By Donkeys

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More mass protests in the streets- this time in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.

Millions of Israelis believe their democracy to be in jeopardy.

The airport is blocked, universities out of action, a general strike has been called.

Even the diplomats won’t go to work. With academic and expert Ayala Panievsky, we explain why so many - both within the Israeli state and in the population at large - believe Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempt to transform the country’s judicial system to be a gross violation of democracy.

We explore whether this could finally be the end for Bibi and what it could mean for the wider Middle East.

And we usher in a new SNP leader after a divisive race, and talk to the investigative journalist behind the new Led By Donkeys sting.

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