One Thing Today: Working To Be Neuro-Inclusive

One Thing Today: Working To Be Neuro-Inclusive

By Optum


Think about your workday- what your environment looks like, how you interact with co-workers, how you prefer to communicate. If you identify as neurodivergent, that means your brain works differently. Things such as background noise, bright lights, crowded spaces or pings from colleagues may lead to feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable or anxious. We’ll talk with Amy Root, UnitedHealth Group Director of Neurodiversity Inclusion, about the one thing you can do today to create a neuro-inclusive work environment.


Amy Root, Director of Neurodiversity Inclusion at UnitedHealth Group


Advancing DE&I - UnitedHealth Group (

For more on what neurodiversity is and how we can better recognize and value thinking differently, check out the full episode.

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