Will Corbyn get his revenge?

Will Corbyn get his revenge?

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Jeremy Corbyn will not be allowed to stand for Labour at the next election. That’s despite the fact he’s been an MP in Islington North since 1983 and led Labour at two general elections- nothing like it has ever happened before.

Jon and Lewis explain why Labour’s ruling body has made the move and why Labour’s left might not be as weak as you might think.

And the News Agents are joined by a secret agent, or at least someone, who was.

Sir Richard Dearlove was the head of MI6 during the Iraq War.

Twenty years on we talk to him about how he and his fellow intelligence officers got it so catastrophically wrong on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (or lack thereof), whether or not he regrets the invasion and how life is different for young spooks, today.

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