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Pudcast is BACK! innit. Season 3 Trailer

Pudcast is BACK! innit. Season 3 Trailer

By Global

Oi, listen up yeah! Paul Chowdhry is coming back with Pudcast Season 3!  

In previous seasons, he interviewed some of the biggest z-listers. Now he's gone back around the alphabet and has the best y-listers in the industry...

He’ll be giving you what you've been waiting for… the truth, wrapped around laughs, and engrossing stories without holding back… because if you know Paul. You know he doesn’t hold back.

Guests need to get ready to be grilled LIKE A SHISH KEBAB.

Season 3 of Pudcast starts on April 5th 2023. 

Listen out for it on Global Player. Download it from the App Store or go to

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