The Impact of AgTech in Smart Regions, with Tim Neale

The Impact of AgTech in Smart Regions, with Tim Neale

By Zoe Eather

Hi #SmartCommunity friends, welcome back to the Smart Community Podcast and this month we are highlighting Smart Regions with two fantastic guests. First up is Tim Neale, the co-founder and Managing Director of agtech company DataFarming. We first had Tim on the podcast in Episode 308 in August 2022. Then we featured Tim again in our recent Summer Series so we knew we had to get him back on the podcast.

In this episode, we get a little update from Tim about what he’s been up to since we last spoke. We talk about how much and how fast satellite technology is improving and the many ways the data can support farmers in making better decisions and increasing yield, efficiency and sustainability on farms. Tim shares how a number of macroeconomic factors globally are having big impacts regionally for farmers in Australia, and we discuss the opportunities and challenges of our interconnected and interdependent world. Tim then tells us about some of the new projects his team is working on, including using data to help farmers demonstrate the sustainability of their operations, and an investigation into the long term performance of Australian farms. We talk about the impacts of weather and climate change not only on farm production but also the mental health of farmers and rural communities, as well as the big problem with connectivity and access to communication technologies in regional and remote areas.

We finish this episode discussing the emerging trend of robots and automation being used on farms and how technological innovation can solve agricultural problems. As always we hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

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