I'm back, With Some Eco Friendly Travel Tips!

I'm back, With Some Eco Friendly Travel Tips!

By Ceara Carney

Book of Leaves is baaaack! How I've missed ye. Have a listen to episode 80 to hear about what I'm up to, and some travel diaries for you. Having visited Asia for the first time a few weeks ago, I gathered a few travel tips as leaves you can add to to your book. In two weeks, I'll be back with our usual interview format. In the meantime, here's all the topics I cover:


[04:45] Upcoming event at Cúirt International Literature Festival[06:30] Eco travel tips #1 Don’t underestimate the SIZE of Southeast Asia[10:00] Offsetting travel (Onsets.org)[11:15] Sleeper buses and trains ARE THE BEST![13:50] Water – avoiding plastic, not getting sick and mental health[17:00] Eating plant based (is not as hard as you think)[27:20] Singapore reaction


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VitaOnsets.orgHappyCowWwoofClimate Alarm ClockClimate Ambassador Programme & Podcast

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