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Is horse racing becoming the new bullfighting?

Is horse racing becoming the new bullfighting?

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Animal Rights Protestors are being blamed for the death of a racehorse at the Grand National this weekend after they forced a delay which - trainers say - agitated the animals.

Animal Rising - the protestors - say: Don't blame us - horses are dying on racecourses; with or without the delays.

But they're delighted we're now having a conversation about animal cruelty, sport and what happens to thoroughbred horses if racing stops.

We speak to Ed Chamberlin who saw it all unfold with his own eyes - as the head of ITV's horse racing presenting team.

And to Claudia Penna-Rojas from Animal Rising. We also discuss Rishi Sunak's finances - he's under investigation by the parliamentary standards commissioner.

And we ask if we should all be better at maths - with maths lover and teacher Bobby Seagull.

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