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A bag of panties and a ghetto twin

A bag of panties and a ghetto twin

By Candice Brathwaite & Coco Sarel

The beautiful thing about the closet is that we don’t always have to agree, and boy are this week's confessions a TOUCH divisive… 

Candice reveals a blasphemous fashion confession (don’t come for her pigeon clutch though), the girls discuss their true feelings about Rihanna’s Superbowl performance and Sarel lets slip the one thing she will never say around white people. 

This week's wild confession “Single for 18 years!” takes us on a whole journey and starts a conversation about the bare minimum we expect from men, whether you should close yourself off from different races when dating, and how the hell we ended up with this episode title…

Don’t forget, what’s said in the closet, stays in the closet and send your anonymous confessions in here:

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