Courtney's Secret Garden

Courtney's Secret Garden

By Feelings & Co.

Courtney Maum is having a midlife crisis. Parenting is taking so much of her time. Her writing career is going well, but that means she’s overwhelmed by deadlines and book deals. Her marriage is in a rough patch, and when she starts asking herself “should I have an affair?” and “should I become an alcoholic?” she recognizes she needs a change in her life. 

She dreams of finding an escape that brings her back to her childhood passion of being outside for hours, lost in her thoughts.

In this episode, we follow Courtney as she tries to find her Secret Garden. 

Courtney is an author, her most recent book The Year of the Horses is a memoir about rediscovering herself through her love of horses. Nora recommends her fiction: I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You and Touch.


You can read the episode transcript here.

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