'A week in the life' Part II...

'A week in the life' Part II...

By Made in Pieces


This is Denise unedited, candid and unfiltered, speaking about her life, family, friends, career and mental health. The 'real Denise Welch', having guested on countless other podcasts, now has her own show - a podcast that's about... well... it's not really 'about' anything! Denise shares her opinions, life events and mental health journey in a no-holds-barred debut season.

Tuesday morning... a fourth consecutive day without spinning - maybe drinking water is helping! Behind the scenes with the wardrobe team at Loose Women and discussing bra fittings. Why is everyone saying Denise is non-binary on Twitter? Janet Street-Porter's Instagram strategy is hilarious - and totally unique. Denise sings along to Bonnie Tyler and smashes 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' (well, most of the words anyway!). Dealing with unflattering dressing room lighting, and the miserable weather in 'spring' in the UK.


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