'It’s not a bloody Hen night'

'It’s not a bloody Hen night'

By LuAnna Podcast

BE WARNED: It's LuAnna, and this podcast contains honest, upfront opinions, rants, bants and general explicit content. But you know you love it!

On this week’s LuAnna the Podcast: Anna's been to New York and drunk voicenoted Imo, Lu's been to Thailand and had 1000000 massages, and Imo's off to Cape Town. We're chatting piles remedies, farting in front of your partner, toenails, kids and give advice to a woman in need.

Plus, singing in the theatre, the "Armageddon" alarm, some big old weirdos, a mini rant and an interesting finish.

This episode features discussion of domestic abuse and violence. Please listen with care.
Here's a link to:
Women's Aid
Click here for information on how to report domestic abuse

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