Lesbian Visibility Week: Jessie Grimes

Lesbian Visibility Week: Jessie Grimes

By Rosie Pentreath

Special re-release of clarinettist, music teacher and BBC contributor Jessie Grimes's coming out story.

Jessie Grimes is an Irish clarinettist and BBC contributor, who’s currently on the journey to becoming a mother with her wife. She talks about being queer in classical music, and the challenges of having children with a same-sex partner.

This week, Irish clarinettist Jessie Grimes reveals what it’s like being gay growing up in Ireland, how the classical music industry approaches LGBTQ+ representation, and what it’s like for same-sex couples starting a family.

Topics discussed:

Coming out in Ireland in the 2000s Being queer in classical music Starting a family with a same-sex partner

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This podcast is hosted by Rosie Pentreath.

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