Behind the Scenes: Loose Women, health struggles, and heartwarming Elton John moments

Behind the Scenes: Loose Women, health struggles, and heartwarming Elton John moments

By Made in Pieces


What really goes on behind the scenes of your favourite Loose Women show? In this backstage chat, Denise explores wardrobe choices, catches up with old friends Debbie McGee, Gloria Hunniford and Janet Street-Porter, and shares her excitement for an upcoming award ceremony. We get to know Denise's special guest at the Groucho Club, her godson Harrison, how he works as a show runner and navigates the competitive entertainment industry.

Denise also lets slip about the upcoming Loose Women tour, shares personal health updates and her continuing struggles with vertigo, and delves into the creative process of the band Duo with fashion expert Susannah Constantine. Denise shares a heartwarming story about Elton John dedicating a song to a fan, and reminisces about attending his wedding. Don't miss out on this episode filled with laughter and personal anecdotes!


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