Overcoming Obstacles: Press Intrusion and Personal Transformation

Overcoming Obstacles: Press Intrusion and Personal Transformation

By Made in Pieces


There's no pain, no gain at the gym getting ready for a couch to 5k! Coping with the long, cold, wet, grey winter. Deliberations on the Prince Harry phone hacking case, and a discussion around the harrowing effects the press can have on celebrities' lives as well as the long-lasting implications of phone hacking. How being broken by the events of 9/11 led me down a path of healing with the support of my dearest friends.

I open up about my own encounters with the press, including moments of journalistic entrapment that left a lasting impact on my trust and mental health. We'll discuss the consequences of such stories, and how we hope that those responsible are held accountable for the lives they've disrupted. Our conversation takes us to my son Louis' house, where we chat about acting and preparations for upcoming roles, as well as a potential mother-son safari holiday to South Africa and the importance of learning something new every day.

We get to chat about voiceovers and self-tapes, and reminisce about the glory days of Newcastle FC - memories of David Ginola, Peter Beardsley, Steve Watson, and Mickey Quinn. There's a snippet of my ‘Nibbles and Nails’ Whatsapp group and invite listeners to reach out with questions or suggestions.


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