Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 33

Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 33

By Zoe Eather

Hi #SmartCommunity friends! I’m back with another bonus episode of the Smart Community Podcast sharing various guests answers to the question, ‘Where to next with Smart Cities and Communities?” And this time I’m sharing with you the answers from these guests: 

Tim Neale from Episode 337

Julia Spicer from Episode 338

Dr. Michaela Musilova from Episode 339

Samuel Austin from Episode 340

Some themes that come through in the guest answers are around regionalisation and continued growth and investment in our regional areas, but also in the way we can continue to use technology and data to inform planning and analysis and decision making at all levels: local, state, national and even global. 

The other theme that comes through in these snippets is around the opportunity for people to get involved in the Smart Community, whether it’s at the leadership level of business, industry or government, or just in the new job types and skillsets needed for the continued growth and development of our modern communities. 

As Michaela says, “Even helping community on a small scale, if it's your neighbourhood or whatever it is, it’s still going to make that a better place and it's still going to make a difference.”

As always we hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

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