A 'No Buy' Year & Loads of Eco Tips - Ide, 'Trying to be Green'

A 'No Buy' Year & Loads of Eco Tips - Ide, 'Trying to be Green'

By Ceara Carney

@tryingtobegreensince2016 is an Instagram account run by teacher Ide. She constantly shares the most thoughtful eco alternatives for absolutely everything. Like me, she's no expert on environmentalism, but you don't have to be to make a difference! She has generated so much advice over the years, I'm only delighted to have her share some insights and tips on Book of Leaves. Have a listen!

[03:20] Ide introduces herself

[06:05] What it was like to buy nothing for a year

[09:20] Sourcing furniture second hand

[13:20] Green hacks for getting food and reducing food waste

[17:35] Dumpster diving in Ireland

[21:10] How to scope out dumpsters for diving

[22:40] Ide’s sustainable fashion tips, including a capsule wardrobe

[26:10] How Ide nourishes her mental health

[31:05] What it’s like trying to be zero waste in Ide’s work setting of teaching

[34:20] Sustainable socks and underwear

[40:00] Ide’s Fairphone – a modular phone that you can repair

[42:00] Eco travel tips

[45:20] Ide’s favourite thing about the future & final tips

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