The Lessons That You’ve Loved

The Lessons That You’ve Loved

By Scott Thomas

These are the life lessons that you’ve loved from the past 12 episodes.

Scott has sat down with 12 incredible guests so far this series, and we’ve picked out some of your favourite life lessons from those conversations.

In this special episode, you’ll hear Jermaine Jenas talk about finding himself again after leaving football.

You’ll hear Emily English talk about hitting the reset button on her life.

And you’ll hear Dean McCullough share his recipe for the perfect sober night out.

Plus life lessons from Alex Bowen, Brooke Vincent, Claudia Fogarty, Anastasia Kingsnorth and Brendan Loughnane.

There are so many incredible stories in this episode of how we’re all learning as we go.

Season 3 of Learning As I Go is supported by British Triathlon. Throughout this series, you’ll hear updates from Scott as he trains for his first triathlon in July. You can join Scott at the Sunderland triathlon by clicking here and using the code LEARNING25 at checkout for 25 pounds off.

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