This Episode Will Make You Stronger | Sister Dang Nghiem

This Episode Will Make You Stronger | Sister Dang Nghiem

By Ten Percent Happier

It’s hard to be a human. No matter how good things are for you, being alive is still hard. Whatever your life circumstances are, we’re all subject to impermanence and entropy. 

This episode dives into a five-part Buddhist list for being stronger in the face of whatever life throws at you. 

Sister Dang Nghiem, who goes by Sister D, is a nun in the Plum Village tradition and a disciple of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. She was born in Vietnam during the war, and is the daughter of a Vietnamese mother and an American soldier. Sister D experienced an unfathomable amount of loss before relocating to the US, where she became a doctor and later, after experiencing more loss, became a nun. She’s written several books and her most recent is Flowers in the Dark.

In this conversation, Sister D shares her story, and then walks us through The Five Strengths of Applied Zen Buddhism which include trust, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, and insight.

Content Warning: This episode covers difficult topics including death, mental illness, and sexual abuse. 

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