5. Boris's Big Fat Hairy Promise

5. Boris's Big Fat Hairy Promise

By Global

Even those closest to Boris thought he was a Remainer. He liked to flirt with Eurosceptic views but had always been open about the benefits of remaining a member of the European Union.

And then Guto gets a call from Boris's sister - "Boris is about to do something really stupid, you're the only one in the world I can think of who can stop him."

Boris joined forces with Vote Leave and supported Brexit. But did he really understand the world he'd be drawn into?

From the questionable promises made, to the tribe of people he became stuck with, Brexit propelled Boris Johnson to become the Prime Minister - but it was a house built on sand.

Guto takes us through this unique, unrepeatable, and fast-moving time. He takes us into Number 10, a peek behind the curtain to see what really happened in a period that encapsulated Boris's rise to the very top of Government, to the chaos and scandals that would ultimately be his downfall.

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