Connecting with Coffee Farmers - Ethical Origin

Connecting with Coffee Farmers - Ethical Origin

By Ceara Carney

With 62% of people in Ireland being regular drinkers of coffee, a bean we can't grow in Ireland, how can we make our consumption more sustainable? Alejandro, the man behind Ethical Origin, uses his Columbian roots to our advantage, and connects Ireland directly to coffee farmers.

[03:25] Alejandro introduces himself

[08:25] Ethical Origin. What’s it all about?

[11:25] A look into the issues coffee & chocolate farmers face

[15:55] How the cocaine industry affects people in Columbia

[22:25] The importance of roasted at origin

[23:45] Other tips for people who want to consume coffee ethically

[26:25] Stories from farmers since Ethical Origin started

Also mentioned:

Water Movement in Columbia


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