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The many lies of Boris Johnson

The many lies of Boris Johnson

By Global

Boris Johnson repeatedly knowingly misled the House of Commons, in other words he repeatedly lied.

These are the conclusions and findings of Parliament's Privileges Committee, established unanimously by MPs to investigate claims Johnson knowingly misled them over partygate, thereby breaking rule no 1 of the British constitution: never *ever* lie to the Commons.

It's a huge political day and although Johnson has already fled Parliament by resigning, the consequences are still massive. Johnson wanted his place in the history books, in becoming the first PM to be found to have lied to the Commons, judged by his own peers, he's finally got it.

Emily, Lewis and Jon talk through this latest day in the lows and lows of Boris Johnson's recent political career: what it means for Sunak, for the Tories, for the man himself and for Parliament.

The agents are joined by the woman who brought Johnson down, Guardian Political Editor Pippa Crerar; former Chief of Staff to Theresa May, Lord Gavin Barwell and Johnson defender and ally, former Tory MEP David Campbell-Bannerman.

PS Jon came straight to News Agents HQ off the red eye from Miami, so forgive any lapses. Now a News Agent, always a trooper.

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