Dr. Nick Bitz: The Cutting Edge in Biohacking and the Quest for Youth, Clarity & Enlightenment

Dr. Nick Bitz: The Cutting Edge in Biohacking and the Quest for Youth, Clarity & Enlightenment

By Matthew Belair

Dr. Nick Bitz is an unconventional physician who discovered the importance of self-healing at a young age through acupuncture, diet, yoga, and meditation. His interest in holistic integrative medicine led him to study Ayurveda in India, where he lived in an ashram, and became fond of this form of medicine. After graduating from Naturopathic Medical School in Seattle, he did his medical residency in Vale, Colorado, before moving to Los Angeles to dive into the dietary supplement industry.

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Show Notes:

- The benefits of using psychedelics with the right set, setting, intention, and action afterwards

- Ayahuasca's healing effects for addiction and materialistic viewpoints

- The importance of putting in work to create and implement what is learned

- Resets and their role in realigning the body and mind

- Detox and fasting to allow the body to come back to a resting state

- Eating better for clearer thinking and homeostasis

- The blue zone pillars and their potential role in health and happiness

- Aging and cellular senescence

- The hallmarks of aging, including the role of senescent cells and possible pharmaceutical solutions

- The use of senolytic therapies to try and reverse age-related issues

- Ayurveda and anti-aging therapies

- The use of Rasa yana and Chavan prash to restore youth

- The impact of food and physical practices on mental health

- The categories of foods in ayurvedic medicine

- Yoga and foundational practices for enlightenment and energy

- The importance of self-massage with oil, kitcheri, and syncing with nature cycles

- Daily meditation and its benefits


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