Dead Ringers 64 - DAGON + DARK WATERS (1993)

Dead Ringers 64 - DAGON + DARK WATERS (1993)

By Dead Ringers

Nolan is joined by Paul Farrell and Philip Yount to discuss Stuart Gordon's DAGON (2001) and Mariano Baino's DARK WATERS (1993). The crew catch up on new discoveries, rewatches, and recent releases before a trip to a strange seaside town leads them straight into the arms of a creepy cult.

Other movies discussed on this episode: COCAINE BEAR (2023), BARBARIAN (2022), EVIL DEAD (2013), MORTAL KOMBAT (2021), THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (SERIES), EVIL DEAD RISE (2023), THE MIGHTY PEKING MAN (1977), BLESS THE CHILD (2000), INFINITY POOL (2023), MARTIN (1977), LOVER'S LANE (1999), INFLUENCER (2023), SHIN KAMEN RIDER (2023).

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