Ken Rex McElroy

Ken Rex McElroy

By Unresolved Productions

"When a person is set loose by the courts to go back to the community they have been preying on, what recourse do the citizens of that community have then?"

On the morning of 10 July 1981, 47-year-old Ken Rex McElroy went to a tavern in Skidmore, Missouri. The pub quickly filled up with other local townspeople, many of whom had lived in fear of the other man for years. After finishing a drink, Ken began walking out to his pickup truck and was shot twice. He died at the scene.

As the shooting took place right outside of the crowded tavern, there were later determined to be 46 potential witnesses to the murder, including Trena McElroy, Ken's young wife. Only one, Trena herself, would ever attempt to identify a culprit...

Research & writing by Olivia Paradice

Hosting & production by Micheal Whelan

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