Sewing, Slowing Down & Rethinking Clothes - Joanna O'Dowd

Sewing, Slowing Down & Rethinking Clothes - Joanna O'Dowd

By Ceara Carney

Joanna O'Dowd has one of those shining accounts on Instagram that's not only full of practical sustainable tips, but lots of positivity, needed now more than ever! The runs sewing classes in Cork and can be followed on Instagram @joannasfeelingcrafty and YouTube.

[07:40] Joanna introduces herself[15:25] Why Joanna doesn’t like the term zero waste.[18:50] How sewing & mending came back into Joanna’s life[26:55] SHEIN’s recent PR stunt and how Joanna felt about it[22:15] Joanna’s classes leading to creativity[34:50] Tips for making your wardrobe last and loving your clothes[46:40] Tips for sewing repairs[49:20] Sourcing fabric in an eco friendly way

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