Digital Law in the age of AI, with Natasha Blycha

Digital Law in the age of AI, with Natasha Blycha

By Zoe Eather

Hi #SmartCommunity friends, welcome back to another episode of The Smart Community Podcast. In this episode, I have a brilliant conversation with Natasha Blycha, the founder of the boutique digital law firm Stirling & Rose. Natasha advises on web 3.0, crypto assets, data, privacy, digital asset infrastructure and smart legal contracts and helped author the 2022 Oxford Smart Legal Contract text.

In this episode, Natasha tells us about her background in emerging tech law and her passion for the digital free movement, and we discuss the need to balance frictionless tech solutions while still keeping humans involved and able to intervene in Smart Communities. 

Natasha and I explore the rise of artificial intelligence and the possibilities of Smart Legal Contracts, as well as discussing the potential ‘terms and conditions’ of Smart Cities. Natasha tells us why she has a digital free room in her house and the human need to disconnect, and we talk about the benefits and risks of digital free national parks and other public spaces. 

We finish our chat discussing the emerging idea of our ‘implantable’ future, and the need for regulated digital quiet times within it, as well as where to next for making data and AI more equitable. 

You might have noticed in the last few episodes, we have left the ‘where to next for Smart Cities and Communities’ question in the main interview. We are making a little shift in our programming going forwards and won’t be doing the ‘Where to Next’ mash up episodes anymore.

As always we hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. 

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