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Tatty Macleod

Tatty Macleod

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Today's guest has got Paul on a dog leash, and not in a kinky way. Tatty Macleod is an English and French comedian, who you may have seen on Instagram and TikTok entertaining her legions of followers with sketches about being a Bilingual Femme, or FEMMY* as Paul likes to call her.

Listen on to hear her desperately try not to get cancelled, whilst Paul turns up the heat and grills her like a Croque monsieur. It's très bon!

*time to get on Duolingo.

Tatty Macleod @tatty_macleod + Paul Chowdhry @paulchowdhry

Paul and Tatty will be performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 - You can buy tickets for 'Family Friendly Comedian' and 'Fuge' Now!

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