Mining In Ireland - Eddie Mitchell, Save Leitrim

Mining In Ireland - Eddie Mitchell, Save Leitrim

By Ceara Carney

Eddie Mitchell has been a prominent activist in Ireland, contributing to the ban on fracking here and now devoting a lot of his time to extractivism in the country. He'll also be participating at this year's Climate Camp in August (9th-12th) which I'd encourage you to go to! Stay up to date with Eddy's activism by following him on Twitter @WestyEddy.

[04:20] Eddie introduces himself & path into environmental activism[08:50] How Eddie feels about the threat of fracked gas being allowed back into the country.[10:30] The various groups Eddie volunteers with: Save Leitrim[14:25] Treasure Leitrim – gold mining[17:20] CAIM - Communities against the injustices of mining[19:40] Critical Minerals Regulation[27:55] Climate Camp

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